Cell gallery

Evgenia V.

The bird was locked in a cage, the wings were destroyed,
The weight was put on, the lock was closed.
And free bird no longer flies.
From now on, the bird fades.
And the bird can't do anything.
A flock that is stronger, does not save courage.
And the bird flapped its wings.
The cell of these wings immediately destroyed.
And now without wings, the bird dies.
More beautiful bird does not captivate.
And the feathers are flying flakes out.
And free the wind chases them through the puddles.
The bird flew away, only the feathers are circling,
The bondage bars, naked from the cold.
And now the limp body of her breathing,
Nothing can, does not sing, does not hear.
In cage (bird dies,
Cage bird strangling, steel poisoning.
The bird is dying, let it go,
Let her breathe out there, less pain.
But I can't hear people, people indifferent,
Busy: fun, not boring.
Look around, people, maybe you forgot,
God made you too, you're vulnerable too.
The indifference is scary, the world is governed,
Nothing not hears, pain runs.
It's nature, the weak die,
So any cell will justify the meanness.

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