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Elena Grebennikova

There was time, when the sun didn't shine,
And the haze spread all over my soul.
The world was so near, but it wasn't mine.
Endless twilight came. I was a mole.
I never knew, there were leaves on the trees,
The skies of blue and grass of green.
I never knew, there was ground underneath,
I never had the clue, where have I been?
I never knew, there were birds in the air,
The long straight way and no maze.
I never knew, there was me, standing there,
How could I live without my face?
I remember the room, bolted from the inside,
And all mirrors were silent to me.
I came there long ago, wishing only to hide,
But in darkness I soon lost the key.
I never knew, there was ceiling above,
My feet are below, and I can go.
I thought, all I needed was love,
But yet people' faces enchant me so.
I never knew, there were hands, that can wave,
Too many fingers, I feel sick.
I never knew, there was light, that can save,
And every flower I can pick.
Once I thought, I was mad, but I know that is true,
For my feelings were burden to me.
Nothing should be denied, maybe this is the clue,
I am flying away and I'm free.

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