Purpose gallery

Irina S.

There are no accidental falls.
There are lessons to be learned.
Shake off, do not hesitate, knees
And keep walking.
If in past friends betrayed,
If life burned bridges,
So, the stars told you,
That do not communicate with those you are.
If a lot of misfortunes happened,
Suddenly, all plans of destroying,
Don't whine, start over,
If you want to
And risk, for attempt to attempt to
Will lead to the desired goal then.
After all, the heat is not from gold ingot,
It's the feeling in your heart.
No, believe me, hopeless dreams,
To meet them at least a step make
And fate without much torment,
All will give you for the soul.
Don't touch what's left in the past.
What the future holds, how do you know?
But walking your way,
All roads you will be able to learn.

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